Planet Dog and West Paw Toys

So I figured I would start out my informative posts with some of my favorite dog toys that I have recently found.

I have had success in finding these toys in more healthy alternative dog stores and not your large chain-type dog stores like Pet Supplies or Petsmart. These toys are of the brands, Planet Dog and West Paw. Planet Dog is an awesome company that uses non-toxic materials and really like to recycle materials. They also have the Planet Dog Foundation which is a non-prof that donates money to organizations that have working dogs.

West Paw is also an awesome brand that uses eco friendly materials. Some of the toys I have bought…

The Bumi

Bumi: This one I got for Delta’s birthday because she played with one at a lake party we went to. She looooves this toy. It’s a very flexible, yet tough, material, and she loves how bouncy and unpredictable it is. I accidentally left it on top of my car at a doggie fest and knew it wouldn’t be there when I returned. But Delta loved it so much, I had to go back and get it again. I got the small one at my local store for 9.95. This is an awesome and very durable toy. We have it in orange.

Planet Dog Foundation Ball

Ball: This was bought for our new puppy. At my store, you collect points for the amount of money you spend and you get points back. This ball is always double points because it donates money to the Planet Dog Foundation. Remy, my in-law’s beagle, has a ball similar to this. There is a hole to insert some food into it and it’s very bouncy. The dogs love it and it is durable.

The Strawberry!

The Strawberry: This is also for the new puppy. It is like a kong, with a very small hole on the top and a bigger hole on the bottom, and you insert food into it. I love the idea of putting food into the toys, but everyone gets bored with the same ol’ kong. This is a great alternative! It seems very durable and I love the fruit look. πŸ™‚ There is an artichoke one that is a bit bigger than this one. If it wasn’t more expensive, I would have totally gotten it. It’s so cute!!! Lol The Strawberry is a great puppy size or for a medium sized dog.

Slobber-wick Bone

Bone: Delta doesn’t have a lot of soft toys, so I was looking for some for the pup and her. We got the big blue bone. It’s supposed to absorb slobber well. It looks like it was made well and should stand to some rough housing by the dogs. I am excited to see how it holds up. There is a squeaker in it.

These are toys I like or eventually want to buy:

The Hurley

Hurley: I just like these toys. They’re solid rubber sticks that are bouncy like the bumi. Made out of the same very durable material. I just think these are a good toy for playing toss with.

Planet Dog Ball with Rope

Ball with Rope: There is a german shepherd in Delta’s agility class that has these. Delta goes crazy for these. I really want to buy her one. I am still looking for the best deal online. So far I have found 12.99 for the large with 3.99 shipping. I can’t wait to buy her one.

The Tux

The Tux: This toy looks super fun. Made out of the same material as the Bumi, there is a hole in the middle that you can fill with an odd shaped treat or a treat like peanut butter. I think Delta would love this. I will eventually buy one. It seems very durable.

These are just a few of my favorite toys so far. I am sure I have some more and will be making another post on them eventually. Just a quick post before Equine Med Class. πŸ™‚

Got Spots?


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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6 Responses to Planet Dog and West Paw Toys

  1. Nichole says:

    One of Tiggers bully buddies has a Bumi that she got to play with at the beach, she totally LOVED it! I loved it cause it floats, she can grab it easily out of the water and I can get it away from her with out to much trouble, its on our list of things to get her : )

  2. puppymomx3 says:

    I love Planet Dog! Have you ever been to the Planet Dog store in Maine? It’s about an hour away from Saoirse’s breeder… FANTASTIC store! I would love to work there! Saoirse has the strawberry toy and the Orbo and she loves both; I have also gotten the Planet Dog Foundation ball for my adult dogs. I looooove the minty smell of the toys! Great company and wonderful toys… I wish they were a tad easier on the wallet but at least the company gives a lot to charity, animal rescue, and two percent of our purchases goes toward placing service dogs with people who need them. πŸ™‚

  3. gotspots says:

    NO! I would love to go. I would also just like to go to Maine. I will make it there one day. Lol I really want to go to Chicago too, I hear they have some awesome dog stores too….

  4. Harlow's mom says:

    Delta, though I have read alot of your posts in the raw forum on dogster, I am still not at the point of comfort in putting Harlow on raw. At this time she is on Wilderness Chicken and seems to be doing very well. Since we brought her home at 9 weeks, she has only had chicken or turkey, I am about to start rotating her on a fish formula. Will keep lurking and reading your posts, maybe by the next dal pup I will be ready. LOL

  5. Harlow's mom says:

    Sorry, put that on the wrong one LOL

  6. gotspots says:

    That’s okay πŸ™‚ But if you’re ever looking for something new, check out The Honest Kitchen. They are an amazing company and work with a very limited amount of people. One of their workers is a dalmatian owner and says her dal does amazing on the THK formulas. They have a rewards program (buy so many boxes, get one free)… that’s why I really like them too. lol!

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