Preparation for a New Puppy

The first blog of many, I am sure. I am not new to blogging, but I am new to blogging about dogs. Dogs are my life, and have been for a little over a year now. Every day I strive to learn something new about them. I feel like I hold a wealth of knowledge, and I kindly share with others who ask, but will keep it to myself if you don’t.

The First Dog Park Party We Attended

My dalmatian, Honda, began my love for dalmatians. I received her when she was three years old, and I had to put her down when she was only nine years young. She had an osteosarcoma and a giant cyst on the side of her face that was causing many infections in her eyes and ears. It was terrible to see her go, but the day it happened, I knew it was time. I still have her ashes and paw print. I knew about dogs then, but definitely not close to the extent I know now-a-days.

Delta and I at the In Laws

My next dalmatian is, Delta Force. She came from a breeder in Brook Park, OH. The breeder was sad to see her spayed because she was hoping I would show her. But I wasn’t ready. Delta has taken many classes in obedience and only needs one more Q towards her Rally Novice title. She will hopefully be getting this Sept. 25/26 in Dayton, OH. She is currently taking agility classes. Delta is very well behaved and my first dog that I have clicker trained. Clickers are an amazing tool for training and I am sure you will hear much about them here. Delta is also my first dog to be RAW fed. Since dalmatians cannot break down Uric Acid, they cannot have a diet high in purines. This does not mean they can’t have high protein. Basically, this means not a lot of red meats, and NO organs. So instead of doing the organs in the prey model, I must substitute with vegetables and fruits. I have decided that I trust the company The Honest Kitchen enough, to use their Preference line. This is a mix of veggies and vitamins/minerals, and you add your own meat. I will definitely have more posts on nutrition, so look forward to those.

Momma Dove and Five Puppies

On September 2nd, our newest addition was born. We do not know if we will be picking a boy or girl. There were three boys and two girls born. This dog will be our first conformation dog. I hope all goes well. I also plan on doing obedience with this one, along with rally and agility later on. I am so excited to completely clicker train a dog, and to start my pup off on a RAW diet. It’s going to be an exciting adventure and I hope to produce an even greater dog than, Delta. This will be a hard task. 🙂 She’s awesome. We have come down to, if it is a girl, it will be Echo or Zulu. If it is a boy, it will be Doc. The girl’s registered name will be Pokatalica Roger That Delta. We don’t have one for the boy yet.

Zac and I at the Grand Canyon

I have lots of plans for this blog and am excited to share all my information with others who want to read. A little information about me, I am 21 and married to a combat medic in the Army. I am Monica, and he is Zac. We live in Ohio, where I attend The University of Findlay. I graduate in May with degrees in Pre-vet, biology, and animal science. I would really love to learn everything I can about training and eventually help others as trainers have helped me. We want children… eventually, but I love having my dogs as my children. 🙂

Look forward to many informational blogs…

Got Spots?


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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