Update on the Puppies!

Delta, September 2010

So today I got a text from Michelle. I had sent a picture of Delta to her because the last time she saw her she was way too skinny. She said she looked like a rescue dog. 😦 Totally my fault. Well, I slowly got up to feeding Delta twice what she normally ate in a day and she’s been getting more and more beautiful. She looks so healthy and everyone agrees now. No ribs or hip bones sticking out. I don’t think I want to put as much weight as a conformation dog would have on her because she will be an agility dog and I want to keep as much weight off her joints as possible, but she still looks healthy and tone. Anyways, she said Delta is looking good. 🙂 Yay!

Delta and her Bumi!


She also said some pictures are up of the puppies! Yay! I am so glad her computer is fixed. Lol These are taken last week sometime and she said tonight or tomorrow she will have more pictures up since the puppies have since opened their eyes. 🙂 Such sweethearts. So, here we go. One of these is my future star!

The Puppies Eating

Love The Puppy Placement. Perfect 🙂

Puppy # 1

Puppy # 2

Puppy # 3

Puppy # 4

Puppy # 5

Aren’t they all so precious?! I love them all. Lol It’s going to be so hard to pick. But it’s amazing how much you can already tell a difference between them. So, which one do you like? 🙂

And I will leave you all with a sleepy puppy!


Got Spots? Will Enjoy.


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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One Response to Update on the Puppies!

  1. Hi Delta! saw your blog on the raw forum. Congrats on the new puppy!

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