Who Will Help Raise My Puppy?

So I have been doing lots of research before acquiring my new little bundle of joy. My previous obedience place that Delta attended was NOT positive reinforcement based. I, however, trained Delta myself and basically just took her for socialization. I am sick of teaching myself… and I want someone more superior to show me the correct way to handle my dogs. I want to be better! So off I was in search of a new obedience place. So… where will my little puppy make his home?

Buchele’s K9 Service

I really liked this place, and another place located in Toledo… so I didn’t really know how I was going to pick. The other place had more classes to take, but after talking with them (the owner was very nice), she insisted that my dog would need every single vaccine to take classes there. That is something I just don’t want to do to my puppy. So off I was, e-mailing Buchele’s, which I really liked also. I was so happy to receive an e-mail back that went a little like this,

The vaccine protocol is really their for YOUR dog’s protection. If you are comfortable doing limited vaccinations, then we are too. We just want to know that your dog is being cared for and seeing the vet, which, it seems by your e-mail, you plan on taking very good care of your pup. We generally take the holistic approach also.

After reading that e-mail and my heart bursting with happiness, I knew it was just meant to be. I am still trying to get out there (one hour to get there) and observe a class, but we have corresponded a lot over e-mail. She studied for two years and got her APDT certification, strongly believes in the clicker and everything it stands for, and has attended the Clicker Expo many times, corresponding with many of the top clicker trainers in the world. She has a great friendship ring of other awesome trainers and she loves the fact that I want to learn everything I can and hopefully, eventually, also become a trainer. She also invited me to the clicker expo with her. If it wasn’t so expensive, and I was out of school, I totally would. Maybe in 2012!

So, that is my obedience/rally/puppy home… but what about conformation and agility? Well, my baby is going to have a busy life. 🙂 The closest place I can find for conformation is in Toledo… so I am going to check that place out. A lot of people use this kennel club’s conformation classes. I am also hoping for some help from Michelle, but I’m not real sure on how all this is going to work still… As for agility… we’ll see when the time comes. I think I’m going to wait on agility for awhile because I’ll be busy with conformation, obedience, and rally. So we’ll see where I am in the world at that point in time.

As for my veterinarian, I haven’t exactly picked yet! Once I figure out when I am going to pick my bundle of joy up, I will be calling a holistic vet in Sycamore, OH and asking if they accept new clients. This will then be Delta and Doc’s new home. If this one doesn’t work out, I know there is another holistic vet in Toledo, but haven’t heard a thing about him. A fellow raw/holistic friend really recommends the Sycamore vet, so I hope she works out.

Got Spots? Will Enjoy.


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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