First Puppy Visit <3

Brandon Being Cuddled

Today I got to meet some of the cutest puppies ever. I only say that because one of mine is in there. 🙂 They were all so adorable and absolute sweet hearts. Being that they are only about 4 1/2 weeks old, it’s kind of hard to choose which one is really your favorite except off looks. They should be getting their personalities in the coming weeks and that is when I will choose. However, I was pleasantly surprised to say that the ones I like are shifting! 🙂


When we first got there, we went in thinking Dylan and Brandon were absolutely adorable. I kept my options for girls open just in case, but Michelle agreed that a boy would probably be easiest to start showing with. She says that girls are more likely to get stressed with you while boys will try to cheer you up. 🙂 I don’t need a girl feeding off my nervous energy. Lol I’ll have enough for the both of us.


Kelly was kind of stand offish… if I went to pet her, she would shy away, and wasn’t a big fan when I was holding her. She definitely liked to be off exploring.


Brenda, Michelle’s favorite, is a gorgeous little girl, but her nose doesn’t have a lot of color on it yet. I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t notice her amongst the black girl and the boys… she didn’t really stand out to me.


Nat has flourished and I absolutely love him. Lol He’s such a gentle soul so far and just loved cuddling. We touched noses and he proceeded to give me a nice lick on the nose. So precious. He also has a very adorable face with a spot coming out from his eye, making it look like a tear drop.


Dylan is a big boy. Lol He’s very thick compared to his siblings and he is so FURRY. lol His hair is thicker and longer than his siblings… noticeably so. It’s cute. After he finished suckling from mum, he went right to bed in the middle of the floor. Lol

Delta for Comparison (4 weeks)


Brandon is our other favorite right now. His nose is so cute because the liver color on it is heart shaped! He has gorgeous spots on his ears that will most likely turn into very liver ears like Delta’s because Delta’s weren’t even that spotted at that age. Lol I kind of worry that he may turn out to be too spotted for our tastes, but his budding personality is the one we’ve noticed besides Nat’s lovey personality. Brandon is very outgoing. He was climbing all over the room and I was sitting next to the bed and he couldn’t get between me and the bed so he was hee hawing and whining and trying to squeeze on through for the longest time. Needless to say he didn’t get through so he just left, but he gave it his darnedest. Lol It was soooo cute. Zac also held him a lot and he seemed fine. The only pup that didn’t seem to enjoy laying on their backs was Kelly… but even she wasn’t that bad, she did cling to my wrist when I did it. Lol

Puppies are Very Hard to get Pictures of.

We also said we would like the quietest… but at this point, they were all whiny babies. 🙂

Sleepy Babies. Brandon was still Going. Lol

Children Socialization Time!

Here I leave you with adorable pictures and the chance to look forward to seeing more pictures from the next time I see them. ❤

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy.


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3 Responses to First Puppy Visit <3

  1. Harlow's mom says:

    Though it is tough to pick, for me it would come down to Nat and Brandon, and Nat would win!!! They are both gorgeous but there is just something about Nat’s face that made me fall in love with him. Good luck with the choice!!!

  2. gotspots says:

    Thankies Harlow’s mommy! Nat really pulled at my heart strings… I can’t wait to see them again in a few weeks and see their developing personalities. Super exciting.

  3. I love Nat too! Soo cute!

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