The Final Day…

So today is my last day of being a puppy free mom for another year. Can you believe I have raised/help raise three pups in three years. Am I nuts? I think not. 🙂 It’s so much fun… but I think Doc will be it for awhile… until I want to get my first female show prospect. 😉 Shh, don’t tell Zac. Lol

I have compiled everything I need to get ready for my little guy. What have I done, you ask? Well, here are some things…

– Saw a kiddy pool flying away in the wind so I took it! Lol We have a rather large kitchen so I plan to set him up in the kitchen over the winter to start letting him play in the water! I love water loving dogs!

– STOCKED up on treats. Lol These include Wellness Grain Frees (venison, salmon), Bitz of lamb… I don’t think they have a specific brand you can buy in big stores or anything…, Purebites Freeze dried fish and chicken,  Omega 3’s Pet Botanics (Delta LOVES these), and I am sure there are some others. I have also gotten cans of Wellness 95% meat for my squeeze tubes! For harder treats, I have gotten plenty of Nature’s Variety Instinct grain free treats, Alaskan salmon skin chews, sweet potato chews, banana/chicken chews, banana/sweet potato chews, antlers, bully sticks, and beef tracheas. Tena Parker also shared a venison score with me so I have at least 60 lbs of boneless meat. GREAT for stuffing kongs/Planet Dog Strawberries with!!! Lol

– Tomorrow before we leave to pick up pup, we are stopping by a natural store to pick up some coconut oil and colostrum. (And some Vitamin D for me!) I am hoping to help give my puppy a good immune system boost since I will be doing limited vaccines.

– I have puppy’s collar here, along with puppy’s car seat harness. We are receiving puppy’s dog tag within the next couple of days. (Will definitely be working on liking the collar and the cage for the first few days.)

– Zac set up Doc’s cage yesterday… so it’s all ready for him to come home!

– My clickers are charging right now. (haha)

– I set up an appointment with a holistic vet in Sycamore, OH for 11 am on Saturday. I have never been to her before but have heard good things from a fellow raw feeder. I hear she doesn’t agree nor disagree with the raw diet and doesn’t try to pressure into overvaccination. She also provides homeopathic remedies, Reiki, muscle response testing, Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique, acupuncture, orthopedic manipulation, and ionic foot baths. Both puppy and Delta have an appointment with her, so I am very excited! I hope all goes well.

– I have started my puppy socialization calender. For the most part, every Friday and Sunday my training center has a puppy play group that Doc will be attending. In December, he will start the AKC STAR puppy class, Saturday and Sunday we will be going to Halloween parades, Thursday night is trick or treating, Friday I have Punkin’ Chunkin’ (an event Physic’s Club holds every year), November 20 BG is having a holiday parade, and in December my training facility is having a pet party for the holidays type of deal.

So I am so excited to bring Doc home… we all are. My test is out of the way so I can just sit here and wait wait wait until tomorrow at 1. Lol I will be leaving for puppy town!

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!


About gotspots

Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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