Our First Few Days…

Alright, well, I am assuming everyone saw that our puppy got changed. Michelle, our lovely breeder, just wasn’t sure what she wanted to send us home with so she left it up to me. But the fact that she would have kept Dylan if any pup was left made me really want him. And he was my original favorite. I want to make her proud with showing so I figured if he was a favorite, I might as well start off on the right foot. Lol Or paw. So here is our new guy, Doc, also known as, Pokatalica Toujours Laudace once his papers come in.

Doc at a friend's house

Doc at Punkin' Chunkin'

Our first days have certainly been eventful. We arrived home at 6, in time for Doc to meet daddy and the two roommates. No accidents the first night. He was rather thirsty so I think he might have been a bit dehydrated from the two hour ride home. We were a little apprehensive about Delta, but he’s starting to come out of his shell with her. They like to play tug but sometimes Delta can pull him across the room. Somehow I think he won’t have trouble losing his puppy teeth. >.> lol

Delta and Doc's first picture

The next day was Punkin’ Chunkin’. Doc wore his cute little coat and got a LOT of loving by at least twenty-thirty people. Many asked to take him home. NO! Lol He got to play and take pictures by lots of pumpkins and run around helping mom and dad set up. Doc only had one accident on the tile in the kitchen.


Saturday we went and visited my friend who has a three month old golden retriever (and an adult golden retriever) they played outside for awhile.

Come n Get me!

Then we went to North Baltimore’s Halloween parade. We saw lots of people and lots of wee woos and funny costumes. Doc was a little surprised by the sirens and wouldn’t take my treats after a bit, but he didn’t yowl like Delta does and he didn’t really try to get away… he just tried to snuggle into my arm because he was cold. Lol So I suppose that was a good thing. Doc only had one accident on the kitchen tile.

Nommin' on a toy

Today we took a trip to the pet store (in a cart of course). Lots of people lovin’ on him. He slept most of the time. >.> Been trying to also give him short spurts of crate time. This included taking Delta to the dog park and going to dinner with Misty (golden retriever)’s mom and dad. Doc had no accidents!

Tomorrow I have to go back to school… I hope Doc can keep his mouth closed for the time being. 🙂 I will be making stops home so the most he will be alone is three hours. >.>

Things we have worked on so far:
– Name recognition (using in every day language and saying, “Doc” click/treat
– Sit (so cute!)
– Come
– Loose leash walking
– No biting/chewing on non chewy things.
– No pottying in the house

So I leave you with this adorable spotty picture. Got Spots? Shall enjoy.


About gotspots

Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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