It’s a Puppy Life.

Wow, with school and puppies, it’s a hard life. Lol I hardly see the internet anymore unless it’s on my phone. Lol But it’s been a fun, almost, two weeks!

Delta and Doc

What are some things we have done, you ask?

Took a trip to the pet store. I kept him in the cart and he basically just fell asleep. He slept a lot that first few days to a week, but now he hardly sleeps unless he’s in his cage. He met some dogs through the cracks and some people passing along.

We took a trip to the park where he experienced more stairs (already knew how to use them when I got him), ducks from a distance (he wanted to go and say hi but I didn’t let him. LoL), a child from a distance, leaves blowing, and loose leash walking practice. We also practiced his sits here.

North Baltimore Halloween Parade. He met a LOT of people and we practiced loose leash walking. He was introduced to many costumes, sirens, cars, and big trucks. He just stayed tucked into mommy or daddy the whole time trying to keep warm. Lol He showed a little bit of alarm at the sirens but settled down pretty quickly. He loved the attention.

Doc and Daddy at the Parade

Puppy Socialization night. Originally I was a bit frightened because he is a growly butt, but upon further speaking with Laurie at Buchele’s K9 training, and my own common sense, he was just telling a few dogs to back off because they were just too much for him. He’s a pretty mellow pup when he’s first meeting other dogs, which is awesome, so if the dog is a jump in your face kind of dog, he does not like that at ALL. So at class he played with my friend’s golden retriever pup, Misty, and a five month old Boston Terrier named Tux. Tux and Doc LOVED each other. At first Doc was afraid because Tux was everywhere at once, but soon enough they were zooming ALL over the room. Then he got introduced to the tunnel and after that it was love. Lol They would all get in the tunnel and roll it around and he would go in and out in and out. He LOVES the tunnel. YAY! Future agility dog? I think so. Lol He also went to the door three times to go outside and go potty and had no accidents. I am so proud of him. I cannot WAIT for AKC Star puppy classes to start in December!

Things we have just been working on around the house:
– Sit
– Down
– Focus
– Come/name recognition
– Waiting in a sit before food is dropped
– Loose Leash walking

Today we took a dip in the small kiddy pool. I filled it up outside since it’s in the sixties and gorgeous outside. Delta helped Doc learn to like the water. Treated when he had all four in. Delta probably had more fun, but Doc had fun running around the pool full speed barking at Delta because she had the toy. Lol We also worked on recall and sits outside. He’s such an amazing, smart little puppy.

Delta and Doc have begun play fighting a lot. It’s super cute and they both love it but I make sure to only allow a few minutes of it, rest, then they can play again. Remy, the in laws beagle, and Delta play play play and never stop. I don’t want that in my house for the rest of my life. Lol!!!

Fighting over Delta's tug leash

All in all, I LOOOVE having two spotted dogs and it’s so much fun. 🙂 In the next month I will probably be meeting up with Michelle to start Doc’s conformation training. I just marvel at his gorgeous structure whenever he is standing around and Laurie from training said he is GORGEOUS. He pretty much stacked himself in class and she said he’s going to be a great free baiter. Lol We’ll see. 🙂

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!

Doc as a Lion, Thanks to Ashley R.


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  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun in your house! I like his little lion costume.

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