It’s Raining Men, Woman, and Children…

So, today was going to be Doc and I’s day of days. We were going to start out with a parade, take a shopping cart ride around Petco, and then head out to the Bass Pro Shop for some uber people socialization. Not that I am worried about this kid at all and his people socialization… he adores people, especially children. That makes me a super proud momma.

Well, tired momma (who blames it on Harry Potter at midnight) woke up at 9:30 for a parade that is 20 minutes away and started at 10. So, needless to say, we skipped that. We went straight to Petco, where he was patted and adored by at least 7 people, one of which kept coming back and cooing over him. She was in love guys. Lol He helped momma shop for Delta, Remy, and Ashley Ricker’s dogs Christmas toys. (And momma snuck in a few for Doccy-poo too)

Doc at Petco

Doc did very well in the cart and got a treat before leaving. I then let him out outside away from the building to let him do his business and proceeded to watch two dogs be yanked around by their lead. So I decided to show Doc and his amazing loose leash walking skills off at 11 weeks old. I walked him back to the front of the building to throw away his poo bag and he walked great, and showed a down and sit and come with a very happy momma and a puppy receiving lots of treats!

After that we went to Bass Pro Shop… and you know the saying ‘meet 100 people by 12 weeks’. Well, I think we met 100 people in 1 hour! Lol It started out front where it took about three minutes to get inside because families already started coming up to us. Which I was perfectly fine with, that’s why we were there. Not to mention they have that Santa workshop thing so there were LOTS of kids. Which is awesome, because I don’t know too many! We walked around with him in a cart and he was sooo happy with all the people coming up. But I could tell the instant he started getting tired. Haha His tail wagged less and he just kind of stood there like, okay, pet me, okay, pick me up, SLEEP! I picked him up because he wouldn’t sit down in the cart and he rested his little head on my shoulder. But we then went upstairs and I left the cart downstairs. So I quickly realized how much weight he’s gaining! Lol Gosh, my arms hurt.

Sleepy after BPS

So, all in all, it was an awesome day for him. And I think he loved it so much. I got asked at least twice if he was part lab/part Dalmatian. That made me chuckle. Got asked a lot if his spots get darker as he ages. It’s amazing how many people don’t know Dalmatians come in liver. Then a lady came up and said ohhh he’s a liver! She then proceeded to tell me she used to have one of each, the liver being deaf, and how they died of bladder stones. I said, ‘Yeah, I know, you have to watch their diet.’ And she then scoffed and said, ‘it doesn’t matter, I fed IAMS!’ Another family quickly interrupted or I may have had to laugh in the poor woman’s face. I hope if she ever owns another Dalmatian she goes to a reputable breeder and actually learns about their problems and that a diet does, in fact, make a difference.

Well, I’m going to get ready for bed. After this and the Dalmatian club meeting all in one day, this spotty mom is tired!

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!

The Other Day at Tractor Supply


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