It’s A Wonderful Life;

Delta with her crazy ears ❤

Ahh, today was the first snowfall and the spotty dogs are in heaven. Delta was always a fan of snow and could stay outside as long as the best of them (huskies at the dog park can play for hours lol) Now it seems like Doc is carrying on the tradition of spotty snow dogs. Maybe they need to breed in some dalmatian into those alaskan huskies. Lol I let him outside and he got the instant zoomies! It was super fun trying to get cool pictures, I think I succeeded.

My spotty kangaroo!

I let Delta out there with him for a bit, but apparently she isn’t used to seeing him full out run and she tends to pounce on small moving objects. She’ll learn eventually… I hope :-/ Or he’ll just get bigger. Lol

Attack puppy!

We were supposed to go to a puppy socialization seminar at Petco tonight, but the roads were getting bad and it’s twenty minutes away. It was only a half an hour anyways, and we’ll be going to Bass Pro Shop again sometime this weekend with daddy.

Sunday starts Doc’s official AKC STAR puppy class. I’m excited. Delta never got STAR but did get her CGC. Now Doc will have both. I think he’ll do superb… even though the STAR is kind of just being a puppy… but a good puppy. 🙂 But I’m excited to get into classes with him and start working. So far he knows sit, down, touch, twirl, and daddy taught him shake last night. He’s working on shake left and right, but I say for now he just knows shake. LOL! He does excellent with his loose leash walking, which is super important for me. We also need to start working on stand, stat, if he’s going to be a conformation pup! The IX Center dog show, Crown Classic, is coming up and Michelle wants to start working with him then. I entered Delta into the Novice B rally so that my friends and family can come watch us. Can you say nerve wracking?

Doc really is getting into the routine around here though, he doesn’t ever cry when you put him in the cage unless he REALLY wants out… but he knows during the day mommy and daddy HAVE to go. He goes to the door or rings the bell to go out and potty. He sits and waits for his din din to touch the floor. Now we’re working on the length that he sits there. He loves his bully sticks and will munch on them (more like gnaw, get them soggy, and try to rip pieces off) in his x-pen quietly. And he just loves to play play play. He’s so care free.

It’s getting down to the wire in my studies, as finals are next week. This kind of means the dogs are being a bit neglected. Of course, my neglected is probably a lot different than your average owners neglected. Lol But anyways, I still feel bad. I can’t wait till classes are over so I can spend every day with my dogs, training, playing, going places. We’re going to have so much fun… I have so many plans for over break, I hope I get half of them accomplished. Lol

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy.

Hey You!


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