And Christmas Comes To An End

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas. I know mine was filled with driving, family, dogs, and cheer. We got lots of good presents for both the hoomans and the dogs. And of course I have a brand new camera that took no pictures of the festivities. However, I was getting kind of sad about my camera because the video was .MOV and I was not super thrilled with my camera experience so far… so I did end up playing around with all the settings one day, taking pictures of the dogs while the hubs napped. And I can say I am super happy with my purchase again. There are lots of cool effects on the camera and when used right, it does get a good picture of two. πŸ™‚

I ended up having to buy the full version of Muvee to edit my .MOV movies. This is okay because I really liked the program, and I knew so because I had the trial version. I was going to be super ticked if it didn’t work. But it did, and I made my first video from some random clips of Doc’s conformation training in the living room. I’ll add it here if you want to check it out.

So here are a few pictures I took with my new camera messing with effects and such…

Pretty Girl-- 16 months

Doc-- Almost 4 months

Shooting through the mirror, trying to keep my husband out of the picture!

Hansome face

One of our biggest Christmas presents this year was a 2011 GMC Terrain. My Kia Spectra was in rather crappy condition and I was super nervous for the upcoming winter season, so with the help of my in-laws, Zac and I made our first official big purchase. The color is Mocha Steel and I have named him, Derrick. πŸ™‚ After the mascot for The University of Findlay, to which I become an alumni to in May. It’s super nice because we now own two dogs also. Just hook their seat belts up to the tow straps in the back and it keeps them nice and safe in the cargo area. They love it too, I think they love the room back there and they are quicker to quiet down in the back. This will be good for shows too because I can open up all the doors and use a crate in the back cargo area. It rides so smooth and gets amazing gas mileage, about the same as my little Kia Spectra! It’s a big SUV in a little SUV body. I always over compensate while parking because it looks so big inside but it is actually rather small and easy to park. It also has a rear view back up camera in the mirror. It is really cool and I’m already in love… after like, week two.

Delta and Doc snuggling in the back


The Back Up Camera

The dogs had a fun time at the in laws. They get to play with Remy, their 20 lbs beagle who Doc already towers over. But she definitely holds her own. I actually think that is where Delta learned to play so rough! Haha During the free time, they actually all get to play together and it’s a crazy house. But their exercise did decline because we had so many parties. Now we know what mom will be doing for the next couple of days… yes, catching up on activities.

For Christmas, the pups got a few toys like JW rings Delta loves, a JW ball that has little circles on it with a spider web over it (probably from Halloween but it was on sale!!!), a crunch stuffed animal that’s already been thrown away, and a Kong Beast. Remy got a tough stuff Dalmatian to remember her good friends when they leave.

All in all, during this Christmas season, both pups were good. Doc and Delta left the tree alone except for the times Doc likes to walk under and around it. Like it is a game. πŸ™‚ They’ve stepped on presents a few times, but luckily they were wrapped with tough wrapping paper. The only thing Delta could improve on is not walking on the pool top because it’s frozen. -.- Oh yes, and also proceeding to pee on it. Not happy about that at all. I would rather her not learn the lesson by falling into the un-frozen pool.

Well, I hear the pups rustling around… probably time to play play play…

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy


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