Take The Time

So, on Thursday my motherboard decided to crash. I knew it was coming, and had even got an external hard drive for Christmas. But, of course, I didn’t think it would occur now, so I didn’t get to backing up all my pictures of my lovely spotty dogs. And of course it crashes. I was devastated. I just wanted my pictures! Sure, most of them were on my facebook, but they weren’t full size images. Luckily, the guy that smelled good at Best Buy was able to get all my information off the hard drive. So, needless to say, my pictures are now safe on my new Toshiba computer. Which is super blue. Lol

So my suggestion for the day… please back up all your pictures of your lovely puppy dogs. Pictures speak a thousand words and I would have been speechless if I lost mine.

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy.

P.S. Could you please take a few seconds out of you day to go to this contest and click five stars for Doc’s Most Beautiful Eyes? And maybe share it on Facebook? 🙂

Click Here for the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest

A picture from Doc's conformation class with his breeder. Everyone was saying how gorgeous he looks. Someone said I was doing awesome for my first time. >.> Talk about feeling intimidated. Conformation is taken very seriously and I don't want to mess up! Lol


About gotspots

Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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2 Responses to Take The Time

  1. Kristine says:

    Of course I will vote! Good luck!!

  2. Good reminder! Glad the Best Buy guy was able to save your precious photos!

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