The Fur!!! The Fur Is Here!!!

You read that right. I decided my house was feeling overwhelmingly full of fur, so I vacuumed and then took the dogs outside to brush. Normally, Doc is not a very big shedder at all. He may give me one brush full of hair. Delta could shed and shed and shed as I brush her. Well, I was astounded by the amount of fur coming off Doc, whom I did first because he’s usually fastest. He actually gave me more fur than Delta did in the end. I could have kept brushing him, but I just had to stop because we had to go to the store. Lol

Dalmatians are definitely known for their shedding. I’m always told, oh, they can’t shed as much as my GSD/Lab/etc. Oh… yes, they can. They always say dalmatians have two shedding seasons, day and night. Lol It’s even worse in the spring and fall.

I hope to get a bath in for Delta and Doc today… they have a lot of loose fur on them. After our hiking adventure with daddy of course!

Delta and Doc with their new Collar Mania collars

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy.


About gotspots

Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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2 Responses to The Fur!!! The Fur Is Here!!!

  1. Branson says:

    Doc and Delta are so cool!!!! Thanks for checking out my blog! So their grandparents are from Puerto Rico? Cool! I was born here even though my human parents were not. We live in Isabela on the NW side of the island. Hope they get to visit here one day. Where do they live?
    Branson the Great Dane

    • gotspots says:

      My grandparents live in Aguadilla. They have lots of chickens and cows. Lol my dad and his siblings were born in Ohio but they moved to Puerto Rico when they had only their last child, out of eight. She is about 30 now. So the spots and I were born and raised in Ohio. Lol

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