Acceptance, Moving On, and Worries.

So my interview went well, I think. She said I really sounded like I knew what I was talking about, and I felt like I rambled on. Lol! But they must have liked me because Tia e-mailed me a couple days later saying I was accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy! YAY! I am sooo excited to start this journey! I don’t start until early/mid July… but I can’t wait!!!

Delta and Doc are proud of me. 🙂 I only wish it wasn't blurry. MOM Lol

The move has went well. The dogs, I think, are adjusting reasonably well. The fact that this apartment is almost identical to the old one helps. Delta was a little stressed last time we moved and really disliked the UHaul. For that reason, I really tried to keep her from seeing it the two days we had it. She saw it once getting in the car to drive to the new place. There was a little bit of stress barking going on when we first got here, but she’s calmed down considerably. I can tell because she didn’t offer her ferocious sounding bark the last time we came home. Doc, my laid back guy, is taking everything is stride. We did have a number two accident the first night we were here (and of course our cleaning supplies was in the other apartment for cleaning! But luckily I had my spot vac and my oxyclean!) so he’s slept in the cage the past few nights. Last night was his first night out and he is back to being fine.

I'm being good under here, Mommy. Look, no begging!

I wish it wasn’t so rainy outside because I want to go exploring new places with my pups! While they get their regular exercise in the rain, I want to go have fun! Lol I will also admit this last semester I was slightly lacking on the training with the pups. So yesterday it felt GREAT to get a good training session in there. Delta and I worked on homework for our Attention at Heel class and I taught Doc how to ‘Back Up’. He really has fun with that one and occasionally will add in a nice jump hop skip backwards. Lol It’s super cute!

They are so snuggly, I love it!

We have our first vet appointment with the new vet on Thursday. I’m super excited… but besides heartworm tests, a new reason to go has come up. :-/ Delta has been licking her vulva a lot recently and I’ve noticed small dots of what I’m expecting to be urine on her bed when she goes to lay down. However, I’ve noticed no excess urination or pain when urinating. I’ve pressed on her bladder and she showed no pain. It’s weird… so I am going to bring in a urine sample, considering stones are rather common in dalmatians. I REALLY hope she doesn’t have any… it will really break my heart. I’ve tried her whole life, and will continue to try, not to let her get stones. I know sometimes there is nothing you can do, but I still feel like it will be my fault if she does have them. Here is to hoping my baby is okay. :-/ It also sucks because the accupressurist said her bladder and kidney points felt great when she had it done not too long ago… but I guess these things can pop up at any instant. Who knows, maybe it’s just a UTI or something… :-/

Delta enjoying the outside life on a nice day recently

Well, now that I’m done with school, I really hope to get some good, interesting posts in, not just talk about myself! Lol Till next time!

My pretty boy! Good news! He'll be in his first show in mid-June!

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!

Grazing. Must be a spotty thing. Lol


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6 Responses to Acceptance, Moving On, and Worries.

  1. Congratulations on graduating and KP!

    I hope Delta is ok.

  2. A great big congrats! How exciting for you.
    My Vizsla suffers from multiple urinary disorders (crystals, high pH, recurrent infections, and leaking)….so I feel for you and Delta. Fingers crossed that is something easily curable.

    • gotspots says:

      Good news all! It's just a very very minor bladder infection we believed was caused from the stress of moving. (She's my stresser) We had the urine sent out and there was no crystals and no bacteria. So we're going to treat with herbal supplement first and if that doesn't help, then we will use antibiotics. I think it's already going away by itself… but I'll get the supplements to help! -MC

  3. Ximena says:

    Congrats on getting into KPA!! I was just accepted, too, with my Dalmatian mix. 🙂 🙂

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