Puppy Match 5/29

Doc Doc had his big day on Sunday. Not his official big day, but kind of like a final dress rehearsal big day! He had a puppy match and went into the ring with another pup (whom he was related to) that was 7 months old. My hopes going into this ring was just to keep Doc’s attention, have him stand reasonably still for the judge, and to not take off during his gaiting portion. He blew me away!

We were first in the ring so she told us where to stand and so I stacked Doc, with another dog behind him. It was like he didn’t even know there were other dogs in the ring with him. He stood, gave great ears, and stayed forward on his toes, staring at the bait. We did a gait around the ring, which he didn’t even look behind me (which he’s done before) when a dog was behind him. He stacked again and the judge came to examine. He gave a wiggly butt but didn’t move a leg. She checked his teeth and the rest of his body and it wasn’t until she got to his butt that he moved a front leg forward, but just an inch. I was perfectly okay with this. He gated again, staying where he should be the whole time. I gave lots of praise while we waited for the other dog to get examined and then we went around the ring again together. We ended up getting second, but that’s perfectly fine with me, I was super proud of Doc and his ‘first time in the ring’. He did fabulous. People probably thought I was nuts crooning over him so much once we stepped out of the ring, but I didn’t care, he looked awesome. 😀

Our first official show is next weekend. I’m not as nervous as I was because the ‘first time’ is done and over with and it’s a lot more exciting and fun than I thought it would be. It’s fun keeping your dogs attention on you and trying to make him look as pretty as they can be. But you come out of the ring wondering if the judge just didn’t like your dog or if it’s something you did to make them look less appealing. Lol Oh well, it doesn’t matter!

Stacked, 2 months

Stacked, 7/8 months

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!

Doc, 8 months!


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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4 Responses to Puppy Match 5/29

  1. Jing says:

    Good job!!!! He looks great!

  2. Awww – how adorable. A mini model, in spots!
    Never worry about if the judge didn’t like your dog – you know you always leave with the best of the bunch! It’s all subjective anyway!!

    • gotspots says:

      Lol, I don't really worry if the judge liked my dog or not, I guess it's more on the side of if I made my dog look good. Lol I think it's just because I'm so new so I don't know the 'tricks' and such. -MC

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