First Show Down!!!

This weekend was Doc’s two official first conformation shows and he rocked them! He picked up one point a day towards his championship!

Both days he went Winners Dog and Best of Winners. I am SO proud of this boy.

This wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful breeder, Michelle, a gorgeous dog from two gorgeous parents, and positive training. With our positive training he looks at going into the ring as fun and becomes the confident, gorgeous boy I know he is. Outside of the ring he may want to go and say hi to every dog and everyone, but inside he knows its business and his tail never drops, constantly wagging. He stands perfectly for the judge to come and look at teeth and feel his conformation. I am sooo proud of where we have gotten to. I can’t wait to go to another show. I can see why this is addicting. Lol

Look at my ribbons mom!

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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One Response to First Show Down!!!

  1. A great big CONGRATS – both on the outcome, and the methods used to get there! 🙂

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