Dogs Shows and Splash Time!

Swimming on 6/19/11

Last week was Doc’s first official AKC conformation Show. We showed on both Saturday and Sunday and walked away with Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners both days. We received our first two points towards his championship! I was SO proud of him. Its like he knew what he had to do, puffed up and stood pretty in the ring. He did such an amazing job. I was super proud of him. Before I didn’t know if his championship would be possible considering this was my first time showing a dog in conformation ever, but now I think it might! Doc really does a good job of carrying me along. LOL!!!! I had our picture taken on Saturday, so when I receive it, I’ll have to post it up. Our breeder couldn’t make it that weekend, so we were all alone, not even a husband because of drill weekend. However, I did see a fellow agility class friend there with her labs. She had already shown in the conformation, but I did catch her final qualifying score in rally and see Beamer get his RN title! YAY for Beamer! He’s such a thick headed lab. Gorgeous!

Swimming on 6/19/11

Doc has definitely hit his teenage age, I believe. We went to a dock diving practice on Saturday in hopes to get the spots to jump off the dock. Well, they had a BLAST swimming after their toys, but no jumping off the dock. Doc is also having a problem getting in other dogs faces and then growling and trying to lunge at them. Also happens when they get in his face too. But he only does it to dogs his size or bigger. He’s an absolute angel with little dogs. I’m beginning to think he’s insecure at this point in time and really need to start working on the look at thats with him. I’ll be attending Ali Brown’s Scaredy Dog seminar in July, so I’m hoping I can get some more ideas then. I never wanted a reactive dog (who does?) It’s not something I’ve researched a lot, so I don’t have a lot of things in my tool box to work with it. It is kind of scary not having a solution… as I usually do. Play time was ended when a little scuffle broke out between the spots and two other over stimulated dogs. Nothing big, not even any scratch marks. But it is scary seeing your dogs get in their first “fight”. I should have known better and will never subject my dogs to something like that ever again. We all make mistakes I guess.

It's my toy!!!

But on a better note, we took the dogs swimming at the in laws yesterday and they had a blast. Their confidence in the water grows so much every time they swim. Now they are actively JUMPING into the water, swimming in circles, and going after toys. Doc even jumps in the water after ME… not the toys. He just loves swimming. We had a blast! I got pictures and video!

Look mom I can JUMP!

I even got a video of Doc’s flying jump. LOL He cracks me up.

I also got another video awhile back of the dogs looking at a rabbit in the back yard. Lol

This is what I live with. 🙂

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy.


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8 Responses to Dogs Shows and Splash Time!

  1. Rhonda says:

    You put the “scuffle” nicely….So glad there was no lasting physical marks especially since you are doing conformation. I have to get back to blogging…I have sorely lacked the time and energy for it. Great pics (couldn’t see the videos at work)! Glad they enjoyed the water!!

    • gotspots says:

      Lol, it may just be the way I downplay everything… but I think that lady freaked out a little more than she should have. I felt horrible about it for a few hours and then just had to tell myself it wasn’t the end of the world. Lol

  2. Leslie McDevitt has awesome techniques for reactive dogs. If you go to you tube, and search for Leslie McDevitt “look at that” you will probably get an idea of how it works. Her book, Control Unleashed, was great, but seeing it on video helps a lot more.

    • gotspots says:

      Yeah, I want to read the book first, and then I'll look up the videos. Thanks! 🙂  -MC

      • She also sells a video to go along with the book – I read the book first, but I didn’t grasp a lot. Then I went ahead and bought the accompanying video and was like – “oh, now I understand…”

        And then, I went and audited one of her seminars too! She really has a lot of good, and different, ideas.

      • gotspots says:

        I know she has videos… but aren't they expensive? I might be able to buy them eventually but I can't really afford them right now 😦 😦 😦 Lol  -MC

  3. If you like, I’ll lend you mine. Email me a PO box or something I can send it too. It’s worth it, and I’ve seen ’em!

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