So Much To Update On!

Well, I have lots of things to update. Like collar making, Delta’s agility, and the spotty swim time.

I’ll start with Delta’s Agility. This weekend was her second trial. We just attended Sunday as mom had to work on Saturday. Well we started with Jumpers and missed a Q by ONE SECOND! But she did very well with her start line stay and did her weaves. Delta was one of the last dogs to run on Sunday in the Standard course. Mostly everyone was gone and I was more calm because I was tired from the all day event and we hadn’t Qed our Jumpers course. (By the way, a jumpers course only uses jumps, weaves, and tunnels while the standard uses the contacts also.) Well, Delta was tired by the end too and did her start line stay with no spotted border collie crouch, and so we were off. The first thing after the jump was the dog walk, which she nailed her contact wonderfully (two on two off). Then the weaves, which we messed up on, but with Delta being sensitive I didn’t want to push her, so we continued to the teeter. Another wonderful contact behavior. She gave another good contact on the A frame and the table and we ended up with OUR FIRST Q! And better yet, she took FIRST PLACE!!! I was so happy! It’s nice to have that first one out of the way. Maybe I won’t feel as stressed anymore. The pictures will be up tomorrow or the next day so I’ll remember to post them.

The collar making is going wonderfully. I have my first few orders which I’m super excited to do. I made my friend a few for her dogs and cat for their birthdays. Here are a few pictures of some collars I have made.

3/4 inch to 2 inch

Delta in her yellow/black ribbon quick release. I love this one.

2 inch marti for Delta. I LOVE this fabric.

1 inch for my In Laws beagle, Remy. I LOVE the coloring on this one.

Doc's ACU 2 inch marti. LOVE it. Zac helped me make it. My friend wants a 1.5 inch with a yellow ribbon down the center. HOW CUTE! I will be making Delta one too and we might start a separate business to sell these to military families.

So the collar making is going great. Once I got a hang of it, I’ve really enjoyed it and I love seeing the end results.

Awhile ago the dogs finally started jumping from the deck into the pool without the steps. They love it… Doc ended up with a bad ear infection so we can’t go swimming for a bit… but they can’t wait to do it again. I’ll need to put some cotton in Doc’s ear or something and make sure to really use the ear drying powder well. I believe the water is what caused this infection.

Delta was jumping from the top of the deck without stepping down before, but of course I didn’t get it on video. Lol

All in all, we’ve been having a blast together and taking classes. Doc is currently in his CGC class and Delta is doing agility and we are helping out a fellow friend (trainer) Laurie, start up her CLASS class. She became an official evaluator for APDT’s new CLASS program. You can check it out at It’s like the CGC except I think it really shows the relationship between you and your dog and how you two work together as a team in real life situations.

I’m currently reading Control Unleashed and then will watch the seminar videos for CU courtesy of a fellow blogger, Donna! She was so kind to send them to me to let me watch them. I hope this will help build my relationship with my dogs and help with Doc’s small reactivity he has when he meets a dog face to face.

Oh yeah! 😀 I also began my studies in the Karen Pryor Academy. So far I’m having a blast and can’t wait to get into the thick of it. 🙂

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy.


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Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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4 Responses to So Much To Update On!

  1. Dee says:

    Congrats to you and Delta! What a great accomplishment. Also, the collars are fab. Let me know when you’re selling because I know 2 dogs with a mom who is crazy for collars! Pico could use a tiny little martingale as his neck seems on the sensitive side. Glad all is well in spotsville…

  2. Ximena says:

    Wow I love your collars! I’m a collarholic. I’ve managed to limit myself to one every few months, but seeing your awesome craftwork makes it so hard! Spotty dogs look so good in every color, right?!

    Mine and Elli’s first KPA workshop is coming up so soon! I’m still working on capturing… seriously so difficult sometimes. I don’t know if you’ve mastered the Lick It exercise yet but JEEEEEZ. I ended up capturing Elli whining and putting her head down instead of the lip licking lol.

  3. gotspots says:

    I haven’t gotten that far. I’m still on the benefits of clicker part. LOL But I did capture Delta licking her lips… but Doc is my KPA dog soooo we’ll see how it goes with him. Lol He’s usually pretty fast at catching on but I dunno about that one. LOL And I believe spots look good in every color. 😀

    And Dee, I am already selling them! Haven’t made a tiny marti yet… dunno if it’s even possible. Lol

  4. Congrats on the first place! How awesome. Love the military collar. Very cute. Good luck with your sales!

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