Busy Busy Busy, No Time for Blog?

Ahh, my life went from 0 to 60 in 2.5  seconds I swear! I haven’t had downtime in quite awhile!

My beautiful 11 month old! Sometimes he still looks puppyish 🙂

Delta double q-ed on her second trial day. She got first in both STD and JWW Nov. so I was super proud of her. She’s really learning to calm down on the side lines. I was able to sit next to the ring with her a couple dogs before our turn. She offered a lay on her side and happily licked at the peanut butter I had. This was big for a dog who doesn’t enjoy being down at any time. Her STD run was BEAUTIFUL! No missing jumps (she had a tendency to run around a few, come back, and then jump them.) I’ve been trying to see if maybe I’m pressing her too much towards the jump, causing her to go around. So now she only needs one more STD run for her title and two JWW. Qualifying scores of course!

Doc Doc is not shy!

Doc has been chilling with me. He takeshis CGC in two weeks. He’s had bad experiences at the place we’re taking it so I don’t know if we’ll pass, but that’s okay. Good practice. He has shown limited reactivity in the fact that he can occasionally overcorrect a dog for meeting face to face on leash or when he gets tired and has had enough of anything. (Being humped after he’s done playing) So my homework for the week was to get him around as many dogs as possible and I’d say we did a good job. Two days ago I went to my trainer friend, Laurie’s CGC class. Buchele’s K9 Service. The day we went was their dog greeting class, so we practiced the CGC approach, sit, hello, and walk away. Doc did great with that. He did very well on his supervised separation also.

Shayne, Rio, and Doc existing peacefully.

Yesterday we went down to Boardman, OH to meet my friend Tena Parker of Success Just Clicks to work on some BAT and LAT. Doc did amazingly well and with some tweaks from Tena, we were working really well together. I was super impressed with my little man. Also with her Shayne who used to have a lot of problems when she first got her. We went on some trail walks and Rio immediately decided they were to be friends. Lol Doc was a little uncertain of the pushy Rio for a few minutes and then  just realized he’s a super friendly dog and they became friends. They even had some wrestle time until Rio would bark, and then all done. Lol A few dogs passed up and we worked on our look at that game. It was so much fun, I didn’t even notice the time and ended up missing Delta’s agility class. Lol I decided to see if anyone was at the dog park, and no one was, so we stopped so Doc could have some off leash time. A Catahoula showed up, and I was getting ready to leave, but she came in too fast, and Doc didn’t even mind. They were pretty similar in age and played extremely well together. A few other dogs trickled in and Doc didn’t have a problem. I decided to leave before anything happened. Overall I was very happy with how everything turned out. I hope I can get him to the CGC place and calmed down before our test so he won’t be so on edge.

Rio and Doc love

Okay, sometimes not so peacefully

KPA is going really well. We’re starting to get into the training portion of the class so it’s going to be a lot of fun. My first workshop is Aug. 28th, I’m super excited!

The collar business is doing much better than I expected! They’re coming out really cute and I’ve seen them in action, so I know they can handle a pully dog. (My friend’s dog wore his while dock diving) I just got an order for a tiny tiny collar, so if it works out, I’ll be offering those too. *Cough Dee Cough* Lol

For a boxer that belongs to a family in Zac's unit. One of Zac's best friends actually.

Being busy is good though, my husband’s date to leave is September 14th, exactly one month after Delta’s birthday and a couple days after Doc’s. We will miss him.

1.5 inch green zebra collar

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Busy Busy Busy, No Time for Blog?

  1. Ximena says:

    Congrats to Delta! So exciting to be so close to titling!

    And good luck to Doc during his CGC test — hopefully he’ll be as cool-headed as he was with Shayne and Rio.

    My first workshop is this weekend!! I’m freaking* out, haha. Thanks to work, Elli and I are quite far behind, but have succeeded in most of the exercises enough… I hope. We haven’t practiced in super high distraction situations though, so I’m scared she won’t be able to perform — though my Mom thinks she’ll surprise me. Eeep!

  2. Dee says:

    Sounds like Doc’s doing great with his CU work. We’ve been going to the dog park again for Pico’s sake and he’s done really well. Hope to see you there sometime. Oh, and you know I’m in love with Rio!! What a great dog. Reminds me of someone… Hi to Delta and Doc!

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