Meet Doc

This is Doc! He was born on September 2, 2010. He came from the same awesome breeder Delta did. Ultimately, I always want more spots, and Zac decided he wanted a boy. My breeder wanted me to show Delta in conformation but I thought I would never want to do that. After more research, I actually decided it would be something I want to try out. So Doc is our conformation prospect. He came home to us a day or two before Halloween.

Doc is very… interesting. He is the polar opposite of Delta, so I’ve had the pleasure of learning a different personality than Delta. Doc is very outgoing and not afraid of much. When he is afraid, he confronts it instead of cowering away like Delta. This might eventually get him into trouble. If a dog were to start something, Doc will not back down, so I definitely have to watch the personality of dogs he is around.

Other than his bold, outgoing personality, he’s the biggest snuggle bug! He loves to be put on his back and held like a baby. He’ll stay like that for hours. Or he enjoys being picked up and sat on your hip like a baby. He’ll lay his little head next to yours. He’s definitely a licker too. He’s going to be the type of dog that comforts mommy when she has a bad day or something upsets me.

Doc enjoys playing with his sister, but doesn’t really get the whole playing with human things. He likes it when you get on the ground and hide toys under yourself so he can dig and try and bury himself under you to get the toy, but he doesn’t really get tug or retrieving. Something we’re always working on.

While he is more outgoing and bold than Delta, he’s a lot more laid back. He takes things in stride and doesn’t have to be on top of everything that moves like Delta. He’s content just hanging back and exploring the world. Since he has a more easy going attitude, his training doesn’t go as quick as Delta’s, but he’s just as smart. He kind of tries to blow off mommy’s commands, so that’s something else we’re always working on.

All in all, I truly love this Little Bear. He’s an absolute doll, and his eyes are just amazing. He knows how to tug at mommy and daddy’s heart strings. He’s going to make an awesome big brother to my children some day.


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