April!!! !!! !!! !!!

So I am in the process of another blog post, but felt the need to put this one up RIGHT away. I have a few videos to shoot for the other blog post.

Last night Delta had agility. She’s come so far from May… it’s amazing what we’ve been through. This trip was even recognized by Elaine (agility trainer) when she said last night she couldn’t believe we’ve only been with her since May. We’ve been an awesome team who learns fast.

She asked if I would be attending the agility trial April 29- May 1. “Uh, you asked us to ask you before we sign up.” “I think you could do it!”

So… Delta will be in her first agility trial that weekend. I know we may not Q, but frankly, I don’t even care about that. I am excited to get out and work with Delta in another setting, and to let people see the relationship we’ve formed over agility. I’m also excited for people to see another dalmatian doing agility out there. The past agility shows I’ve been to, I’ve only seen one dalmatian running. Watch out spotty dog, you’ve got some competition. Lol Yay!

Here Comes Delta!!!

Got Spots? Shall Enjoy!!!


About gotspots

Mother to two spotty dogs. Positive reinforcement user and avid RAW feeder.
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3 Responses to April!!! !!! !!! !!!

  1. Catalina says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Good luck at the trial! Will you be able to have someone record it for you? I’d love to see how it goes!

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